“Tanishia is a highly gifted coach and counselor, and her intuition and ability to read "through the lines" makes me a devoted client”

H. Hayes

Tanishia has a solid reputation for public speaking in the corporate, faith, and educational settings. She is also a retreat facilitator and an invited TED speaker and UCLA alumni.

“Tanishia  is truly an expert in her field. I was stuck in a deep funk before coming to work with her, and trust me I am as stuborn as they come. After working through the open-up steps I am much more open and feel a major shift in the areas of personal relationships."

J. Anderson

professional Counseling & Coaching Services

Often told that she has the "soul of a writer", Tanishia created the O.P.E.N.U.P E-course and book version for individuals wanting to get unstuck and move on with their lives.



Tanishia uses a powerful 6-step process she created called the O.P.E.N.U.P. Method - a series of steps a person can take when they're stuck and needing to create lasting change in any area of their life.

"Shifting Clients from Broken
to Open!"



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Life Coach

Ready to Open-UP?

As a registered marriage and family therapist intern, Tanishia also provides counseling services to individuals and couples  using a wide-variety of healing modalities to fit each persons needs.